Music or an emotion -Where words fail, music speaks!

Remember filling the hobby section in the slam books and resumes with multiple things you love to do like dancing, reading, playing a sport and what not, but Music is something which all of us did write in it irrespective of what our other hobbies are, Music was common. So, I thought why not write about it. For music is their escape from the chaos of life and some consider it spiritual, either way it shows how pure is our connection to music.

Music is made up of two major things, the tune, and the lyrics. Now, some of you who might like a song based on its melody while some might like it because of the lyrics, but I am the latter. I think music is just the collection of thoughts and wild words which often go unsaid, and these words are embraced with a tune and right timing. For example: “Socha Hai” from the musical drama “Rock On”, when you look at the lyrics it is full of questions one after the other, but we all loved that song, now think if someone asked those same questions to you but without the melody and just as a pure question. Already feeling irritated by the thought of it. That is the power of music. So, the next time before asking for a permission for night out/trip from your parents you know how to put the questions in order ;)

Talking about some interesting facts about music. According to scientists, music not only uplifts your mood and makes you feel better but your taste in music (genre you like) tells a lot about your personality as well. In the next segment I would talk about some common traits according to your choice of music. I hope you let me know what are your traits in the comment section are below.

1. Pop-ular Music- Pop music (“O Sanam”, “Dooba Dooba”) lovers tend to be more hard working, extroverts and conventional, they might be uneasy at times.

2. Rap and Hip-Hop Music- The rise in population of Rap lovers has been exponential since “Gully Boy” hit the theatres. The people who like this genre of music tend to have high self-esteem and are more outgoing than others. Though there are some stereotypes that look at Hip-Hop lovers as aggressive and violent but scientifically it has not been proven, it is possible that because you stereotype them, they are aggressive towards you.

3. Rock Music- Remember watching music videos with electric guitar and band around them, these are rock music. If you are a rock lover you are an introvert and the most creative of them all, but some studies even suggest you have a lower self-esteem than other music lovers.

4. Classical Music- Never feel that you have an old taste in music, this genre is the root of music industry around the world. You are an introvert with high intellect and creativity. You are responsible for maintaining world peace because you are at peace with yourself as well as others around.

If you are someone who likes all of them then try to prioritize these genres in order of your liking and the one on top might suggest the dominant traits in your personality and it decreases as you move down the list.

Apart from talking about your personality, listening to music also increases your metabolic rate and gives you more energy while you work-out. A research, published in the journal Neuropsychological Rehabilitation, observes that music can facilitate memory recalling in people with severe brain injury and improve concentration among students. Singing also helps in reducing stress-level, so all our bathroom singers do not stop, it is just a healthy habit!

Have you ever thought why do restaurants have live music and clubs have loud music running in background as you have your meal/drinks? To create a vibe and make you feel good? that’s just the tip of the iceberg, the underlying portion of the iceberg is that, a human tends to drink a lot more in a lesser time when accompanied with loud music and dim lights, also the live music in restaurants are during mid-weekdays like Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday this is because the peak crowd comes on weekends so to get some business on non-peak days, they attract people with live-music and once a group sits at the table, 80% of the time they wouldn’t get up just after the meal and would end up staying there for a longer time. But then the manager comes would come and say “Sir/Madam, if you don’t wish to order anything else would you please clear the tables for other guests.” Irrespective of whether someone is really waiting or not, now since they are having a good time out of guilt/shame they order more drinks and finger-food just to stay back and stats suggests 83% of the times customer might re-visit. More than a tool for increasing revenue for F&B industry, music also builds up a community for the upcoming artists.

Let’s end todays blog with a quote by Guy de Maupassant.

“A strange art — music — the most poetic and precise of all the arts, vague as a dream and precise as algebra.”

Do share your thoughts in the comment section and share the blog with your friends and family.

Until next time!



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